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Ackley Industries is now proud to announce a restructuring. Over the next few weeks our web pages will reflect many changes. We are adding Ackley Sheetmetal onto our web site for starters. Our missing/abused children's pages will be updated and will continue to be updated on an ongoing basis. The Teri Hatcher Home Page will be updated as well. We will also be adding a networking section which will include setup, design, and implementation of many key ISP fundamentals. is committed to providing the public with a substantial network and computing knowledge base. is a web page dedicated to the new Star Wars Movie "The Phantom Menace".

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The Gutter Pump's unique design blocks out leaves and debris while its self-priming siphon pulls water underneath to keep the gutter system functioning year round reducing messy overflows and possible  foundation damage.

Missing Kids Home Page
I am really getting sick of hearing about abducted children, teens, or any other person for that matter. Such as before, this link will always provide information about. Please stay tuned here for updates! Most importantly, if you have content to add here, PLEASE let me know ASAP! The link name is changing to
Ackley SheetmetalAckley Sheetmetal This company provides all of your sheet metal needs, including gutters, downspouts, flashing, copper metal, heating and air conditioning systems. They provide support for homeowners and corporate clients.
Americas Most Wanted America's Most Wanted 1-800-CRIME-TV website.  Find information about the TV show, and popular links to websites related to the subject.
-the- Teri Hatcher Home Page -the- Teri Hatcher Website.  This is the place to go for all information, links, and pictures on Teri Hather.
I got married to Shannon Clutts on July 29, 2000.  Take a look at our web pages, and share in our joy!
America 1stAmerica 1st America 1st is a belief that Americans control their own destiny and hold freedom true.


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